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How it all began

A little background about this book and how I got to London. The day the date of the
wedding of Prince William and Ms. Catherine Middleton was announced, I secured
hotel reservations. The next day hotel rates went up and room inventory went
down. The next item was to secure arrangements to see the Royal Suite at the
Goring Hotel and in fact I was the first person to view the suite outside of hotel staff,
Royals and of course the guests. On the Monday following the wedding, my husband
and I were allowed in the suite with the promise that no photographs be taken. The
suite was spectacular with remnants of the previous days events – Kate’s gorgeous
flowers displayed in large crystal vases were still in the room and very fresh.

I reached out to and one of my London travel partners and expressed my desire
to enjoy the excitement of this event watched by more than 3,000,000,000 people
worldwide. As the search for a venue continued for months, she found two that were exceptional. One venue was on the Mall and the other was overlooking the great west door to Westminster Abbey. A private party was arranged for 24 people with a champagne breakfast and open bar brunch. From this vantage point we were able to see the wedding party come and go along with all invited royal family members and heads of state.

For me this was a dream come true as I am a great admirer of Princess Diana and
because of her became an Anglophile in America. In the days leading up to the
wedding, I walked central London to experience the way the city and its residents
were going to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Surprisingly most businesses did
nothing, many viewed it as another bank holiday, and others just wanted to escape
the crowds for the countryside. To those who adorned their stores, restaurants and
pubs with decorations, I appreciate your efforts as it served as inspiration for this
book. Reflections of the Royal Wedding is intended to be fun and enjoyed by anyone with interest in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Royal Family and the United Kingdom.

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